Confession: Prop project by Olly Rayner

Assisted project
Based on Wallace Woods' illustrated novel
Photographed by me.
Project description by Olly:
"I wanted to bring my favourite fictional story to life thanks to the inspiration from both the amazing Flora Fricker and Annie Atkins."

An Introduction
The story begins in a 1950’s New York back street setting. Arthur (an innocent bystander) has suddenly been accused of a hit-and-run. He is taken to the police station and is beaten until he confesses to the crime he didn’t commit. The Lieutenant is called in, it was his wife that had been murdered. The investigators beat and pummel Arthur with an iron stick until they get the confession out of him but he won't budge.
After a long night, the forensics team finally have the DNA results come in and it doesn’t match the body. It really wasn’t Arthur, but the Lieutenant tells the forensics team to not tell anyone, they comply and shortly along so does Arthur. They finally get him to say in writing that he did it, the Lieutenant joyfully walks home but has to get a package first, A package filled with car parts for the broken headlight he used to kill his wife with... it was him all along.
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