A 19th century Writers travel case

Course set project
In the work presented, you are to be able to explore and experience its origin without fully understanding it. Originally, the case was a found object owned by a traveller primarily in England and thought to be a writer of rhymes from his travels filled with objects and stories that influenced the rhymes. There are rhymes and objects within the case that indicate that it dates from the mid-to-late 1700s to the late 1800s, though these objects could have been found after they were dated.
As a project for myself, this is meant to be a prop design project to show an exploration into materials and processes and ultimately create an experience when together. In the case of prop designers or set dressers, not everything needs to be made by hand, props can be bought or found, and so I also explored the use of items that weren't made by hand that can help push the narrative of the story the collection is about to tell. Props can be bought and found, so I explored the use of items that weren't made by hand and that help tell the story.
From a short course at college.

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