AFTRS: Extract Breakdown

Course set project
Set project by AFTRS 'Australian Film and Television and Radio School' as part of the Introduction to Production Design for Film and Screen course.

During this course, you work your way through an extract to find the key details for production to understand how the set should look and feel to which I selected the 10th example, breaking it down to the characters, the scene, the atmosphere, the location, and more as shown to the side. This then leads into the Previs, visual representations of the extract that for me resulted in found objects and room details giving the feel of the chosen environment.
From a breakdown later those notes become images through research and development to further breakdown the scene for example; the love of this home creates the feeling that could be gloomy and dark in some areas but is filled with life in the rest, with contrast I brought the idea that this home yet small was opened up to wide doorways with no doors in the kitchen, dining, and living room, as well as some others, depending on the stories progression allowing an inviting space much like various victorian dollhouses and homes throughout New York and in England.

Colours provide a balance of light whilst white/ cream walls used throughout the home allow the light to fill the spaces. The style of the visual concepts are inspired by impressionist paintings, ones that feel unfinished, and rough yet when matched with the home create a fitting pair. Each image features an item or place to fit the mood that I aimed to capture for a cohesive effect as if these were short moments that fit the atmosphere.

The rough look and mixed hues of the bathroom allow for a variety of temperatures that can affect the mood, this can also be used via external light via the window or internal lighting from the bathroom light.
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