3d printable 4x5 pinhole camera

Course project
Back In university as part of one of the earlier set projects set in the final year, I delved down the path of designing a camera that can be 3d printed and potentially adaptable with different lenses much like a medium format camera for Landscapes and Portraits.
This is precisely what I decided to do as I chose to base my camera on the Zenza Bronica models and the Mamiya 645. Although due to this being a pinhole camera with a 3:2 to 4:5 ratio for film depending on the accuracy of my measurements for focus.
The final model given has a slot for the future addition of a film holder (also 3d printable) and that as a test a wider hole for the use of an aluminium sheet to produce the set aperture. Whilst I didn't produce a camera with an exchangeable lens I have gone ahead with using the measured lens that would work as a roughly 80mm portrait lens that I believe would be the best way to test the focus and range of this camera.
(This 3d model was made with assistance)
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